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Peace Train operates on donations.  There are no salaried / paid employees - we are all volunteers.  Part of our appeal to donors is that 100% of donations during organized events go to the identifies organizations.   Operating donations are used to keep our web site active, our domain name paid for, our US Postal Box, and any ancillary costs for material needs.


Update January 8, 2011


December, 2010:  US $490.00 was sent to the Self-Employed Women's Association (Mumbai, India), SafePassage.org (US office) for Guatemala, and to UMUSEKE in Kigali, Rwanda.  For SafePassage, they have a US website and we used our business account VISA card to make that donation.  For SEWA and UMUSEKE there were wire transfers to bank accounts.  Each wire transfer cost US $60.00 (bank fee) and so the total usable donation to those two organizations was US $430.00.


The business bank account at Suntrust was converted to a simple savings account so as to avoid monthly charges (for business accounts holding less than US $1,000.00).  Current balance in the account is around US $30.00.  


DateSort Descending   Transaction  Description      Transaction  Number  Debit(-)     Credit(+)       Balance    
 12/31/2010 Debit MAINTENANCE FEE  $4.00      $22.53 
   12/23/2010  Debit  WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING INTL WIRE DR TRN #011521 $440.00     $146.53
12/23/2010 Debit  WIRE TRANSFER OUTGOING FEDWIRE DR TRN #011654 $440.00    $586.53
12/22/2010  Debit  CHECK CARD PURCHASE SAFE PASSAGE 207-8461188 ME $490.00     $1,026.53 
12/16/2010 Credit with image DEPOSIT   $100.00  $1,516.53 
12/06/2010  Credit  ELECTRONIC/ACH CREDIT PAYPAL TRANSFER   $1,206.80   $1,416.53
 11/30/2010  Debit  MAINTENANCE FEE $10.00      $209.73 
11/16/2010 Credit with image DEPOSIT   $140.00 $219.73 
10/29/2010 Debit MAINTENANCE FEE $10.00   $79.73
10/26/2010 Debit CHECK CARD PURCHASE ECAMM NETWORK, LLC 617-8301662 MA $19.95   $89.73


ECAMM Network - purchase of recording software for online interviews.



Update:  March 21, 2010

Donations for ASERELA Maine from the March 20 Benefit for the Children Concert.


UPDATE:  February 9, 2010


In-world account:  27,308 Lindens.  (Decision by Board to transfer 27,000 lindens to Four Bridges for sim rental).

Suntrust account:  $191.91 US

For tax reporting - balance as of Dec. 31, 2009:  $191.91


Operating Expenses for 2010:

- PO Box rental:  $44.00

- Domain hosting (slpeacetrain.org):  $35.00

- Sim rental:  Estimating $200.00



2009 notes


Update:  September, 2009 - all funds from PeaceFest 09 paid to recipients :

  • Peace Direct:  The Escuela Project:  US $495.00
  • The Zion Project (for child soldiers):  US $495.00
  • The Edith Benson Babies Home:  US $550.00


Update:  May 23, 2009 - All but one organization has received their cut of PeaceFest 08 funds - CEPPPA (Celina Garcia).  She takes weeks to respond to emails, and has still not provided information needed for funds transfer.

PeaceFest Pevensey has LL 1,529.


Update:  March 30, 2009 - all but 2 orgs have received their share of the donations from last year.  Those are CEPPA and UMUSEKE. 


Update:  November 30, 2008

Sent in the application to the NC Dept. of State with $300 (sent that on Tuesday, Nov. 25).  Hope to get an official response that then can be scanned and sent to Pay Pal so that funds can be released to our bank account.


Transfers to benefitting orgs:


1. UTHANGO - done in Lindens


2. Coalition for Work with Psychotrauma and Peace - make check out to them, c/o

Dennis Mills

804 Narnia Ln. Northwest

Olympia WA



3. Amnesty International - Link for PDF follows. Print, fill out and mail with check to:  DONE

Amnesty International

Member Services

5 Penn Plaza

NY, NY 10001


You can donate with the debit card online but the form looks more geared toward individuals. Personally, I think the check is better but I'll leave that up to you. Here is the link for online donation:



4. UNICEF - This online donation site has a field for Company name and it's a secure site with the verilock symbol so this might be the best way to go for UNICEF (DONE)


If you do prefer writing a check, print, fill our and send with the PDF form (link follows) to:

US Fund for UNICEF

125 Maiden Lane

NY, NY 10038



5.  World Conference of Religions for Peace - No form to fill out. Just mail check to:  (DONE)

Religions for Peace International

777 United Nations Plaza

NY, NY 10017

Their online donation site is also geared toward individual donations only but here is the link



6.  Kids4Peace - ok The info. page says "clicke here" to download the form but there is no link LOL. The form seems to be ON that page through so here is the link and maybe you can just print the whole page out (DONE)


Mail form with check to:

Kids4Peace USA, Inc

125 Clairemont Ave Suite 150

Decatur GA 30030

Online donation form is only for individuals and not on a secure site. I absolutely would avoid this on but here is the link:







9.  CEPPA - http://www.ceppacr.org/

Sent another note on March 31


10.  UMUSEKE - - http://umuseke1.afrikblog.com/ - DONE via Western Union


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