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Tents for Haiti Expo

Page history last edited by Steve 10 years, 10 months ago

Planning for the Tents for Haiti Expo


(PROJECT COMPLETED.  Over 10,000 visitors; $2100 US dollars donated to Shelterbox USA). 



Peace Train - Cotton, Siri, Gwenette (as available), other members as available

Project Tents - Kate, Kay, Miaa, Sequoia, others

Shelterbox USA - Alan Monroe


Drafting the agenda:


To confirm . . .

10 am slt May 21st SLT Friday OPENING

Hello Remarks

Intro Organizers

Interview Alan - 10:10am SLT - 11:00 am SLT

Intro Gago & Haiti Woman

Gago Concert

Haiti Woman Song and "transfer"

Suggestion: To 'transfer" folks we can have

1. Teleporters (offers map with teleport) on all sims

2. Landmark Givers on all sims

I am researching the scripted teleporter that lands folks in offset positions to avoid "headbanging"

Landmarks will be slightly offset from teleporter arrival coordinates and each landmark box will give landmark with a slighly differnt coordiante


SLT  May 30 Sunday Times TBD???? CLOSING

Schedule TBD

Suggestion: We can create a ballroom effect on the dance floor areas as a change from the techno look??

Will the Masquerade Ball be themed?? 

We can have free mask givers at the ball with several choices

MIAA do you know any fashion designers that want to donate masks??


Possible Interview with Shelterbox

INTERVIEW with Alan Monroe

Location:    Likely at Gwampa's Camp stage area where the kickoff and closing events will be held

Gwen could build a backdrop and equip the stage.


COMPANION SLIDE SHOW for Alan's Interview

We can have slide shows on each side of interview area that are coordinated to interview or simply rotate through . . .

There is an existing PPT that Alan has - Cotton will ask for it.


LIVE STREAM Alan's interview: Can we arrange to cover the interview and STREAM LIVE.

See this link http://www.aviewtv.com/

Kay is familiar I believe with AVIEW TV - a livestream station with various channels - all dedicated to machinima productions.

I am relatively certain Gago will cover the concert:))

Perhaps we can ask Gago's machinimists to cover the interview?

If they cannot, Malburns Writer (AVIEW channel "Real Virtualities") may be interested in filming.


Date: May 1, 2010

Event:  Combined entertainment (live music) and fashion show in SL, with appearance from Miss Virtual Universe contestants and reigning Miss VU, Miaa Rebane.

Fundraising:  For Haitian orphans


Booking now in progress.  Please contact acarson1 at gmail.com for details, or Cotton Thorne in SL.


The Follow (live music - one hour show):  7-8pm SLT



SL  Location:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aeonia/28/132/980




And here is an immersive Cube we may make part of the experience:



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