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December 3, 2009

I'm going to work on an application for the Linden Prize for Peace Train.  Keep fingers crossed!  I know we are not a giant organization, but I believe that can work in our favor.  I'm working on this with Siri Vita, and will draft the application things here.


November 22, 2009

Preparing for some events that are part of the 16 Days of Gender Violence, and we have a display up at the Copenhagen One Climate sim.

 Copenhagen 15 Display for Four Bridges and Peace Train



Location for the panel discussions for the 16 Days on Gender Violence.  Panel discussions on Saturday, from 10-12 SLT, and 1-3pm SLT.


November 17, 2009 

Updates:  Have had interesting conversation with the folks at Twilight's Peace and with Virtually Speaking.  Four Bridges is loaded with non-profit orgs now, and Siri and millay have really made it wonderful.  I am now in my horrible list-making mode for 2010...


November 7, 2009

NEW Project!!!  Gwen has done it again!  She is a mighty, mighty organizer, and has developed a relationship with the members of the Ga-Go Band (in Japan).  They played for us during PeaceFest 09, and are gearing up for a blow-out sim-reaping rockstravaganza to benefit an organization that is saving children (organization tbd, we're still discussing it).  Under the banner of Peace Train, the funds will be generated during a live concert that will be just amazing...


Reconnecting with Twilight's Peace:  Had a great conversation with Jonah Zenovka recently, and he is looking for more ways for us to be coordinated in our work in Second Life.  We will be continuing that conversation.  I'm hoping to get millay from Four Bridges, Siri from Peace Train, Jonah from Twilight's Peace, and Widget from Virtually Speaking together to have a discussion about the possibilities.


Updates to the website:  Yes RL took over with a vengeance after PeaceFest 09, but I have re-committed to updating the website with more information on our organization, testimonials from recipients, and media files that will surely make you smile!~


October 15, 2009


Many things to report.  I'll start with a recent message from DarkLobo that the following URL is of interest:  http://www.shootingcolombia.com/ .  12 or so people took video cameras around Colombia - not sure where exactly, haven't looked at it yet - and filmed what they ran into.




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I just love this.  I promise to post an update soon - still waiting on funds transfer from PF 09 PayPal - > bank account.



August 27:

SO much to report on.  I'll do it in bullets:

- Updates to PeaceFest 09 here

- iReport from PeaceFest (July 31)

- Mention of Peace Train in mobilizing political dialogue (Aug. 27)


July 24:

ONE WEEK LEFT!  All sorts of preparation is happening - art donations for sale and auction, live bands coordinating times and venues, speakers from around the world getting ready with photos and discussion points.  It's going to be amazing.


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June 10:  PeaceFest 09 Announcement!


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June 9:  Siri's work got on CNN's iReport!  Here is the link - reporting on the health care organizing kickoff meeting she put together on Cedar Island.


June 8:  Lots going on!


June 2:  

Cool stuff.  Our own Siri Vita was in Informationweek online:  The article was written by Mitch Wagner and focused on Siri's work with the Health Care Reform discussions in Second Life.  Go Siri!


And, a reminder from a great, longtime friend in France;


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May 28:  PeaceFest group in Facebook



Lots of updates regarding planning for PeaceFest 09.  And!  THANK YOU FireWave for the new PeaceFest 09 logo!



May 23:  Gwenette pointed out an interesting short clip from Rita King at Carnegie Mellon, talking about the power of creativity in the virtual worlds.  Enjoy.


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May 8:  So many good things happening! 


May 3:  Peace Train planning meetings are beginning!  Stay tuned; the Engineers are getting together, and will be making announcements to the Peace Train group in SL in the next week.  These will likely be happening at the Cedar Island cafe - see the link in the sidebar.


April 27:

Congratulations to juni, Medora, any1, and all the crew that organized the multi-sim, 9-day Earth Week celebration in SL.  They should all take at least 3 hours off grid (lol).  Interested in helping with PeaceFest???


April 10:

Looking for inspiration for this year's PeaceFest 09 tagline!  I turn to one of my favorite sources....  what's so funny about peace, love and understanding??


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April 6:  Earth Week coming up!  See the video...



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March 30:  After months of paperwork and process, The Peace Train Charitable Trust has now been confirmed as a Public Charity in the US (a 501 C 3 organization), as determined by the Internal Revenue Service (effective Sept. 2008).  It's official : )  Now we need help.


March 26:  Earth Week plans are coming together!  There is quite a schedule of live events - check out the latest.


March 25:  Draxtor Despres has done it again!  A fantastic reportage on peace building in SL, with part of our interview with Alexjo captured, as well as the fantastic tunes of junivers Stockholm.  

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March 21:  Great interview today!  Check out the pics!  Thanks to all the SL attendees for being there and for your questions!   If you have ideas for other events, please  use the contacts page and let me know!  Now for Earth Week, and PeaceFest 09 planning...


March 11:  The interview with the Monticello descendants is set for Saturday March 21 at 9am SLT / PST.   It will be at the cafe in Port Spinoza (SLURL).  More details here. 


March 1:  Planning for the we20 begins!  A virtual instance of the Global 20 meetings that will be happening on April 4.  We have 20 countries represented in the form of participants in Second Life.   Planning here.


Also!  Very excited about an interview / discussion with Thomas Jefferson and Sally Heming descendants.  Want to hear directly from these people about race and reconciliation in the United States??  Come on over!  Working out the time / date - currently looking like Saturday or Sunday, March 21 or 22. 


Feb. 18:  Don't miss the upcoming interview (Saturday, Feb 21 at 11am SLT) with Alexjo Magic, from Melbourne, Australia.  She is an expert on the experience of women in the Palestinian / Israeli conflict.  We'll start with some original music and poetry by Junivers Stockholm, Medora Chevalier, and Serene Bechir.  More here! 


Feb. 9:  Congratulations to Junivers Stockholm and Medora Chevalier for putting together a great song/media piece on the Human Rights Festival!



Jan 23:  With the US presidential inauguration behind us, many of us feel reinvigorated for this year's potential projects!  Working on solidifying plans...  To that end, I am adding a folder for event planning materials. 


ALSO check out Draxtor Despres' interview with our own Siri Vita! Drax covered the Health Care Reform discussion that Siri organized...

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Jan. 1:  Happy New Year everyone!