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PeaceFest 2010

Page history last edited by Steve 10 years, 1 month ago

PeaceFest 2010 Planning

(update December 13,, 2010)

NOTE:  This page is now done.  No additional updates have been made since late October - so this is just for reference.

Green:  Done

Orange:  To be verified / validated

Red:  Not assigned / done





- Dates for PF 10:  November 5-7, 2010  (DONE)

- Tagline:  PeaceFest 2010:  See one world.

- Logo:  DONE - Alexxa sending file!

- Time frame.  7am - 9pm SLT


Things to be organized soon:

  • Core Team Members list
    • Peace Train members:  Cotton Thorne, Siri Vita, Tonks Akina, Gwenette Writer (and others to be added)
    • Others:   K. Ponder; "Dining on the Peace Train" idea; Cotton has drafted docs for this and set up a page on the blog.
    • Duke members  Not going to happen.
    • Four Bridges orgs:  millay Freschi; FaceBook promotions *we no longer have anyone doing this!  help!
  • Key roles 
    • Marketing:
      • In-3D world:  Group notices; subscribe-o-matics; Givers; freebies; announcement notecards
      • In 2D world: 
        • Avatars United; Cotton  (AU has been terminated!!  Are there other related spaces we should be?)
        • PeaceFest 2010 website; Cotton and Kate Miranda
        • peacetrain.org website; Cotton
        • HASTAC?;
        • Facebook Group and fan page; - Cotton
        • Twitter
      • In RL:  Organize 2 / 3 sites for concurrent meet-ups (Gwenette working with KSU on this)
      • In RL:  Dining on the Peace Train:  Cotton's friend Kathleen is organizing some of this.  We need to create the flyer for it and strategize on email / fb / SN campaign to get the word out.  Need a decision on method for payment.
      • We need a logo - Cotton has asked Firewave for help on that, they have agreed.
      • Cotton to advertise through SLED as well for volunteers 
    • Musical performers organizers (Siri, Lynsey, Any1) - Siri to connect with Lynsey and Kate at music island.
    • Recruiting / assembling greeters:  Tonks Akina  
    • Educating greeters - Any1 Gynoid has offered services. 
    • Artists for auction
      • Gwenette - art items and/or musicians at Gwampa's
        • Kolor, Trill, Gwen,  Krissy - Gwenette and Siri to connect with them.
        • Art to be shown at Four Bridges. 
      • Tonks - art auction at the landing point in Four Bridges (to be validated)
    • Interviews / panels (Cotton - fewer than last year, with lots of publicity)
    • Fashion Groups:  Miaa / Kay - identify scope of collaboration Sail to follow up
      • Miaa happy to scope something out with Kay.  No word so far. 
    • Builder (as needed):
      • Consider Delia Lake and Sail Wozniak to develop spaces on Better World Island to create immersion around the 3 orgs. 
    • Machinimists - Drax Despres? 
    • Create word clouds from events?  (http://www.wordle.net)  
    • Other? 
  • Meeting place(s) and schedule (Need coordinators per sim)  Siri on Four Bridges, Kate on Music Island, Gwenette on Gwampas.
    • Peace Train Station (meeting space)
    • Garden for Change (Special tours, events)
    • Four Bridges (Main Landing space, main stage for music, interview events)
    • Gwampa's - concerts, plus art possibly - Gwenette in charge
    • Music Island - some concerts
    • Better world island - immersive spaces 
    • RL locations tbd 
    • Lion's Gate (contact Jenna Dirval) if needed 

From Delia Lake:  RiverSong and Ray  with Partners for Others, and also us with Camp Darfur.  All on Better World Island

count us in please (Idea have them create the in-world media to support the 3 orgs / create the environments)


  • Note:  our mission is connected to peace through a focus on 1) poverty eradication 2) human rights issues and 3) peacebuilding / conflict resolution.  We also look for small organizations for whom relatively small donations could have maximum impact, and for whom exposure through this event would provide the most benefit. 
    • Note:  Cotton will be traveling with RL work in early September to Navi Mumbai, and Ahmedabad India.  Possible to connect PT work to that trip as source material for PF 2010.
      • Decision:  Cotton to identify an org in India (likely Mumbai) to connect to.  Done. 
    • Also:  Erica d'Aquila is in Suriname, has posted images of her work through Peace Corps on Facebook, and is in principle ready to do a phone interview (possibly recorded) in advance of PF 2010. 
    • Also:  Cotton will be in South Africa in mid-November, just AFTER PF 2010.  If there is a connection that could be made with an org there, we have the potential to document in RL the transfer of support to that org on the ground. 
      • Decision:  Cotton to get to Rwanda to connect with UMUSEKE in November following PeaceFest 2010. 
  • Decision on July 12
    • UMUSEKE - Rwanda; Peace initiatives
    • Safe Passage.org - based in Guatemala - providing education 
    •  India - look for a Mumbai-based NGO - poverty eradication Investigating SEWA http://www.sewa.org , and Indian NGO focused on micro-financing. 
  • Get Pepsi involved
  • Outcomes we're looking for (how many events, how many attendees, how much impact- $$, how many groups / people involved) 
  • Benchmarks:  Roughly 10,000 avatars were exposed to the events during the Tents for Haiti Expo (9 days).  There is some good starting structure from the PeaceFest 09 planning pages. 
  • Suggested: 

- - - $5,000 - $10,000 US dollars raised for the organization(s) identified (total)

- - - University partnership in providing students to get involved in planning and production of PeaceFest\

- - - Significant marketing effort leveraging social media

- - - Minimum of 5 interviews / panel discussions

- - - Minimum of 50 live performances

- - - Minimum of 3 ongoing displays (e.g. art auctions, etc.)

- - - Minimum of 3 RL venues / concurrent events

- - - Desired combined attendance of 5000 attendees over the course of the 3 days


Connections with other groups:

- Conversation with Scot Headley (aka Scot Jung in SL) on July 7 re: trip to Rwanda

     Done.   Cotton has advice from Scot to GO! 

- Conversation with Shenlei Winkler of the Fashion Research Institute week of July 12.

      In progress.  Letter of Understanding was drafted and sent to outline the collaboration.

     Awaiting decision. 

- Conversation with Eric Mlyn of Duke Engage week of July 12.     

     Done; Eric passed Cotton on to communications person.  This will likely have impact on next year's work. 

- Ongoing connection with HASTAC

- Kennesaw University:  From Gwen: "I think Kennesaw U will be interested.  Their library dept coming in strong now and an English adjunct will be holding office hours and teaching on sl campus.  I will be forwarding this letter and continue to share the possibilities with them as I mentor them into sl & slKSU a bit:)"  (Aug. 24)

- SLED post results!  Contact from Old Dominion.  Will see where that goes. Hope to have an answer by Sept. 23.

- Music Island - message from Kate Miranda:  I would be happy to help Peace Train by planning and holding events on Music Island during the time of your festival and asking the other two individuals who plan and run music series there to work with me on that .... and if there is anything else I could help with let me know.  I remember last year there was a bit of a problem getting timely updates to website, could I help with that? 

---- Kate has suggested the following site for tracking musical performances:  http://musicisland.spruz.com/

Nope, incorrect information above, Kate suggested people look at my musicisland site to see how spruz could be USED, but I know you need your own Peacefest identity and wouldn't dream of suggesting my site be used.  What I have done after talking to Cotton and others is set up a free spruz site for Peacefest events at:  http:peacefest.spruz.com.  I suggested this because in past years changing schedule information, correcting errors depended on one person changing the site.  That resulted in a high burden on that individual and a lack of timely changes.  With Spruz, we can set as many administrators as needed with the ability to post or edit events.

---- Nakia of ODU - Call scheduled with Siri for 10/14 to review goals and agenda for student involvement. Sending them out with info. notecard to concerts and art galleries to get a sense of SL events. Will coordinate with students for multiple social networking campaign, possible web development, look for lead for facebook postings. Will also suggest basic building class so they can help design beneficiary exhibition.

10/15 - 10 Students. Orientation and task assignment inworld at Four Bridges 10:20 AM SLT - Siri

10/22 - 10 more Students. Orientation and task assignment inworld at Four Bridges 10:20AM SLT - Siri


Justice League and ROF:  From Mike Burleigh:  i will be unavailable to make your meeting at 300pmslt  but i am here for whatever you might need in the way of help...The ROF Coalition is here to help...Also am part of The justice Leauge and we would like to help too..please send me meeting notes and anything you need :)


Greeters - Michele Mrigesh, sirhc DeSantis, Shmoo Snook

Justice League - Mike Burleigh, BilliAnn Bravin

Advertising in groups - Medora Chevalier, Trill Zapatero, 

Twitter - Michele Mrigesh (MicheleMrigesh)

To Do - Notecard with profiles of the orgs; and with Peace Train basics

Comments (2)

Steve said

at 5:15 pm on Jul 12, 2010

Things we could use help with: Facebook, website, tweet updates, marketing materials of artists to create a real program of events, organize greeters, web based app to change schedule in SL, create a logo and tagline

kate said

at 2:59 pm on Oct 11, 2010

I have created a page at http://peacefest.spruz.com that can easily be used by a team to post events. What is needed is for anyone wanting to post events to "join" the page. At this point anyone joining can post events. We can restrict the posting of events to people with "Admin" privileges if you want. Let me know if you want to use the page for this purpose. If you don't it can all be deleted. I have added an RSS feed to the blog posts on the mail site and can do other such aggregating there. I am not able to get to evening meetings usually but am readily reachable, inworld most days for part of the time and/or at http://katemir@gmail.com (also available on Google Chat and Skype with that address)

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