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IMAGINE PeaceFest Planning Page

Page history last edited by Steve 9 years, 6 months ago

Planning Query Oct. 11.


I just wanted to confirm that everyone is on the same page that Music Island (and Kate) will sit out this year's PeaceFest.  Juni and Medora seemed pressed for additional time to program all their wonderful events so I think that will be good news to free up the 3-4 hours of Sunday that Music Island was going to program .  My contributions to creating web presence and marketing materials (my chief interest and skill area) seems to have been a matter of coals to Newcastle this year with all the various websites and creative people involved. Although I wished I had known that before I donated the time and effort, I am genuinely happy for you that you have so many great people involved.  However it was in that area where I felt most interested and able to contribute and the involvement I sought in the communications role would have provided me with a level of involvement & engagement that simply booking musicians simply does not.  I'm going to be busy working on my regular Music Island events and with other projects that are a better fit with my personal talents and goals.  I hope you all have a wonderful success with your venture.


(the above notice of withdrawal posted by Kate Miranda)


Planning for IMAGINE PeaceFest


Update Sept. 1, 2011

Core team meeting happening each Monday at 1pm SLT for Europe, and 6pm SLT for US.  Meetings taking place in SL at the Virtually Speaking island.

Medora and juni focusing on first half-of-the-day planning, Tonks and Cotton on the second half of the day.


Update July 25, 2011

A big thanks to Tonks, Juni and Medora for meeting at the 1pm SLT time.  

Attending:  Tonks, Medora, Juni, Kate, Widget.

During that discussion a few decisions were taken:

"Medora and juni felt that they could take on scheduling Friday noon to 4 pm and saturday and Sunday 7 am to 3 pm.   I (Tonks) explained that we will have to be flexible due to panel discussions.  But otherwise that timing seemed okay and would pass on to you for your thoughts....so PeaceTrain schedules around them on Friday as we like and after them....3 pm to however late we like on Satuday and Sunday."


I'll send an email out to the team to float a final version, and we'll seek to ratify that at next week's meeting.


Update July 18, 2011





----  Attending:  Cotton Thorne, Widget Whiteberry, Siri Vita


--- Big thanks to Kate for setting up the Spruz site!

---Widget suggests that Cotton think of Saturdays as times for interviews, and she can set aside a 2 hour block (consecutive hours) for using blogtalkradio.

---Widget offers to meet with ODU Interns in early September to viewer orientation in SL and Skype

---Siri and Cotton agreed to provide supervision - details to be discussed


To Do:  Identify a time / date to design the Internship details.  Siri, Tonks and Cotton to do this.  Cotton will send email re: this.

To Do:

===  Communication / invitation language - put together an official notecard

===  Scoping out the program and who is going to be involved.

===  Overview of the 3 organizations we will support

===  Cotton to seek graphics help and provide update



Update July 17, 2011

I like the way Kate is living in the future (smiles) with her post from 2012!  Seriously thank you Kate for setting up the Spruz site.  Update from me; the internships are a GO!  Communication from Old Dominion University I will forward to you all.  We will  definitely need to talk about points of contact for supervision at the next meeting on Monday 25 July.  Notes from the last meeting here:




Proposed agenda:

- Welcome and introductions

----  Attending:  Cotton Thorne, Tonks Akina, Widget Whiteberry, Kate Miranda, Medora Chevalier


- Collaboration between IMAGINE and Peace Train

--- Good will that the difference in fund raising is okay

---- Concerns to get things on the calendar

---- good to have a larger group and collaboration

---- desire to keep this fun and enjoyable


- Restatement of purpose, and discussion of that

---- discussion of the Peace Train effort to do fundraising, and Imagine Netoworks orientation towards awareness (not fundraising).  Eventually, there doesn't need to be concern;

----- We will still be doing awareness raising

----- We will also be fundraising for the 3 organizations selected

----- Discussion of restrictions in different nations re: political action and fundraising.

----- Will need to come up with an invitation - approved by core team 


- Identifying key partners for IPF - discussion

-----  UTSA may be for art displays

-----  CARP

-----  Virtually Speaking

-----  Music Island


- Communication methods for the core team - discuss and identify

----  Google circle?  

----  Spruz calendar for events, does have a messaging function for changes to calendar items

----  Email as a method for communicating on scheduling our meetings, etc.

----  Wiki is there for capturing our plans


- Calendar / schedule method - discuss and identify

----  Key dates:  November 11-13; also week of November 6 would be 'available' to maximise participation by different groups, and to accommodate lasting events (e.g. exhibitions, etc.)

----  Note that VS will have live programming on Sunday 13th, 6-7pm SLT

----  VS will have blogtalkradio available for 2 hours on Sat. 12th and possibly 2 hours on Friday 11th.

----- VS Monday Wednesday and Saturday - 2 hours of blogtalkradio each day.

----- Kate has a livestream account- can embed into Facebook and/or web pages

---- consideration of 'passing the torch' to different leaders in different time zones

---- Consideration of Spruz as a scheduling tool for the events.  Kate will set this up.

----  Meeting times for the group:  1pm SLT to accommodate the european members. and 6pm SLT for North America.

----  Meeting frequency:  Summer holidays are on!  Weekly meeting times are good.


- Next steps


Meeting next week:  July 18, 1pm SLT and 6pm SLT

===  Communication / invitation language - put together an official notecard

===  Scoping out the program and who is going to be involved.

===  Overview of the 3 organizations we will support

===  Cotton to seek graphics help and provide update.

===  Review the spruz site and make suggestions




Update July 12, 2012


The IMAGINE Peacefest spruz site is up and ready for you to join and comment on. The first step is to join and log in, then I will be able to give core team members administrative powers to add and edit events and so on.  There will quite likely be some fine-tuning in setting permissions for things but we'll get it so that it works for everyone in short order. 


I have put some of the planning meetings on the site to see how it works out to list them there.  If you rsvp that you are attending an event, you will get a reminder. 



Update July 11, 2011

Notes from the meeting distributed at the close of the meeting via Notecard.  Next meeting on Monday July 18 at 1pm SLT and at 6pm SLT.


July 9 meeting agenda:

- Steve off to London as of Oct. 1

- Building presence on VS - landmark key locations 

- Updated marketing message to send out via FB, Twitter, groups in SL

- What other groups to connect with for save-the-dates and collaboration?

- Meeting with Smiles for Kenya folk (Steve share notecard with B and S)

- Logo

- Success criteria - following from last year's planning page:

- - Success could be measured by the following metrics;

- - - $5,000 - $10,000 US dollars raised for the organization(s) identified (total)

- - - University partnership in providing students to get involved in planning and production of PeaceFest

- - - Minimum of 5 interviews / panel discussions

- - - Minimum of 18 live performances

- - - Minimum of 3 ongoing displays (e.g. art auctions, etc.)

- - - Desired combined attendance of 1000 attendees over the course of the 3 days 

- Organizing a preliminary planning meeting - who to invite, how, who will do the inviting

- Spruz for a master schedule?

- Regular planning meetings / office hours.  Where?

- Communication standards for core team - how?

- Communication to prior orgs / update from Peace Train

- Communication to ODU - Steve

- Supervision of interns - who can do it??


Locations :  Music Island, Four Bridges, Garden for Change.

Tagline:  Head, Heart, Hands





Info on 3 orgs:

READA:  - READA Cambodia:  http://readacambodia.org/

- Sandra has supplied a set of photos from recent work to build rice stores:

- Steve can be point person for this one.



- One Laptop Per Child:  http://one.laptop.org/

(who will organize around this one)



- RAWA:  http://www.rawa.org/rawa.html

(who will organize around this one)



April:  From Kate Miranda

You mentioned the other night about Peace Train being in conversation about locations for Peacefest.  That didn't quite connect for me as we were talking about your Cedar residency at the time, but you should know that Junivers and I have confirmed in principal that Music Island will be one of the sites for Imagine Fest this year.  I know that Peace Fest is talking about combining with Imagine Fest so we'll all be part of the same great event. It's too soon for me to tell you which day(s) Music Island will be occupied with Imagine Fest or what events will be there, but I've worked happily with Juni and Medora in the past so looking forward to this. 

Kate Miranda
Music Island Concerts
Music_Island website:  http://musicisland.spruz.com
Music_Island slurl:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sea%20Turtle%20Island/56/22/25
Music Island blog: http://music-island.blogspot.com


March 28 Meeting

Tonks, Juni, Cotton, Medora

- Considering merging Imagine Fest and PeaceFest this year to help with scheduling and build off of each of the efforts

- Drafted notecard for Musicians, performers, etc.  Sent to Tonks and Siri.  Needs to be further edited once we know:


- - Final name of the event

- - Dates (if merged with Imagine Fest)

- - Tagline

- - Organizations we will be supporting (have discussed supporting an org in N. Africa, possibly Cambodia, and maybe for Japan) 


Groups to connect with:

Nordic VWN:  Cotton can make an announcement in their internal blog to seek interested partners.

SLED:  Cotton can make an announcement there as well

Music Island:  Tonks to reach out to Kate Miranda?


Other individuals to connect with:

any1 - Could she organize classes before and during PF?  Classes for Interns and others, and then peace-building classes?

Gwen - What role would she like to play?


Media creation:

Cotton going to middle school to reconnect with students on Rwanda work

Russ working on video PSA for Peace Train



Fan page created


Notes - conversation with Tonks

- Tip jars need to be at all events

- posters with Info on PF need to be at all venues

- Scheduling - announce everything on the events page; also encourage other groups (e.g. fashion) to create their own things.  

- Hunts:  Organize hunts - for the month of November?  Cotton to contact Miaa and Kay.

- Fashion (Cotton to , Art, Music, Academic (Cotton and Cedar)

- Guidelines - Tonks to write a notecard.  Can put it in the Invitation notecard Cotton drafted.



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