For the interns; notes from meetings, answers to questions, and guidance.

Work calendar


Greg Selden - Marketing Major, Senior, sports management focus.  

3D organization on campus.  Volunteer work and elevates af-am males on campus.

Works part time as intramural official

From southern calif - moved to Virginia in 2006

SL:  not yet


Tim Norton - Senior , creative writing major

manages personal blog and podcast

Facebook Twitter, etc.

Marketing from entertainment angle.

From Virginia Beach

SL:  LivinginCminor avatar


Contact with the organizations:

- Steve to give them connection to Sandra at READA.  We will need to 'cold call' RAWA and the One Laptop group.

- Greg - Twitter, Facebook experience

- Tim - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube:  Constructed interview  / recorded.  Tim wants to do interviews -skype, create podcast. 

- Greg - knows group called Poetic Movement; event on campus.  Perhaps organize an on-campus event.  

- Tim knows people in the hip hop community too, friend that is a DJ.


Tim - free all day Wednesday, Thurs after 4:15.

Greg - After 9 on Wednesday (tues or thurs are good after 5:30)


Next meeting:  Tuesday Sept. 6 at 6pm eastern.  Goal for the meeting:  Review ideas for 'game plan' to get us to Nov. 11-13.


JOB DETAILS - social media marketer

Evaluation criteria:


1)     Attendance at planned meetings

2)     Meets deadlines for publications through selected virtual venues, as agreed with supervisors

3)     Twitter followers (baseline + agreed number)

4)     Facebook friends (baseline + agreed number)

5)     Attendees at live virtual events (total for all days combined) – minimum 3,000

6)     Number of fan-driven real-life events (minimum 4 RL events)

7)     Total donations (by agreed closing date) – minimum $3,000 – this eval criterion is shared with the rest of the team


Social Media Marketer for PeaceFest 2011:

This is a person adept at social media technologies (at a minimum, Second Life, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress) who will plan for and use those channels to promote events such as PeaceFest 2011.


Responsibilities Include

- Work with core team to develop and maintain website (,Facebook)
- Coordinate with PR officer to publish press releases on web, twitter, Facebook and Second Life
- Compose and send regular updates through social media channels on PT related activities
- Compose and send social media updates during events
- Post event website updates with photos and write ups
- Coordinate with other members of this team, as decided and agreed.
- Coordinate messaging with other members of the team, as reviewed by supervisors.

Skills Required

- Familiarity with blogging (e.g. Wordpress), Facebook tools, Twitter, and other 2D social media

- Ability to learn the tools of Second Life, if necessary, such as Group management, SLURL’s, Landmarks, Notecards, Group Chat, etc.
- Excellent written communication skills
- Knowledge of twitter hashtags for Twitter, developing followers and management of Facebook friends and events
- Ability to gather and process information from cross-functional teams

- Energy, imagination, and enthusiasm to excite others and get them involved


PeaceFest 2011 is the annual fundraiser event conducted by the Peace Train Charitable Trust, occurring in early November of 2011.  Peace Train will identify up to 3 small non-profits operating globally that are working to address human rights issues, education issues, and/or poverty-eradication efforts.  Those identified organizations will be the recipients of any funds raised during PeaceFest.  PeaceFest events are both virtual and real; we conduct live virtual events that draw an internet-based crowd and also encourage local meetups and events where people gather physically to learn about PeaceFest and contribute to the causes.