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Page history last edited by Steve 9 years, 3 months ago
  • Discussion /planning Meeting
  • Updates all around:
    • Intro Bonnie
    • Update from Steve on contact with organizations
    • Updates from Tim and Greg 
  • Questions from Steve
    • Are we clear on what outcomes (results) we want from this effort?  Let's get those written down.

1)     Attendance at planned meetings

2)     Meets deadlines for publications through selected virtual venues, as agreed with supervisors

3)     Twitter followers (baseline + agreed number):  zero today; 75 followers as goal

4)     Facebook friends (baseline + agreed number): 11 today; 75 as goal

5)     Attendees at live virtual and in place events (total for all days combined) – minimum 3,000 - to be discussed

6)     Number of fan-driven real-life events (minimum 4 RL events - at ODU and through Dining on the Peace Train, etc.)

7)     Total donations (by agreed closing date) – minimum $3,000

  • What key social media channels should we use?  For what purposes? 
    •  Twitter, Facebook, wordpress blog, others?
  • When do we want social media messaging to happen?  
  • Who will do which parts?
  • How will we stay coordinated?
  • The above is the skeleton of the plan. 

Sept. 7 Tour of SL Bonnie to give Tim and Greg a tour of Second Life

Sept 12  Planning meeting

  • Agenda:  Tim and Greg report on ideas for using Facebook, Twitter and organizing local events at ODU. 
  • Agreements: 
    • Steve to send hi res logo to Tim and Greg, and details on events for their use in publications / blogs, etc.
    • Tim to talk to DJ to see about Sunday night event
    • Greg to talk to Floetic Movement to see about a Frid or Sat event - likely times between 5 and 9pm eastern
    • Greg to check on permissions re: fundraising
    • Tim and Greg to capture photos / videos for use in social media
    • Greg to check on rooms / book rooms / space at ODU for events (house of blues stage?)
    • Campus Newspaper - Tim to check on that
    • Flyers for local events - Greg to check on that - how many, etc.
    • Radio Station - Greg has connection
    • Steve to supply source audio / video files in production end of next week
    • Tim to put up a YouTube page for Peace Train
    • Tim to post on blogs, etc. A week awareness-raising, B week planning updates 
    • Regular meetings on Tuesdays at 6pm eastern 

Sept 19   

  • Tim - some contacts on the spoken word front.  Planning for Sunday.  DJ along with.  15-25 attendees possible
  • Greg - Floetic Movement.  Needs email / layout of the event.   How to take donations?   Pass hat, paypal link.
  • To Do;
    • Advertise the links to FB and blog through SL group and twitter. 
    • Keep tweeting;  mention Peace__Train
    • Hand out small flyer with the links to our SN outlets - Greg can hand out at a groups meeting, every Tues. / Thurs.  Greg and Tim to coordinate on this. 
    • Tim - create the YouTube account for vids
    • Tim and Greg - Secure space in the next two weeks after talent is identified
    • Tim meeting with campus newspaper tomorrow at 7pm.  Pitch idea of story on 2 interns, and possibly being there during the event Nov. 11-13.
    • Greg - waiting on confirmation from radio station. 

Sept 26   


Oct. 3   

  • Tim: has 2 or 3 potential performers.  University is supplying chairs, and space.  What to name the Event?  IMAGINE PeaceFest.  Spoken word benefit.  Known names who can draw attendees. 
  • Greg - , I just want to update you on the progress I have been making this past week. I've met with quite a few organizations on campus and we are working on putting together a live music night here on campus and taking donations for attendee's to donate to the organization of their choosing. We are still in the planning stages right now, we are trying to solidify a date and location. I am also doing my interview Friday at 2pm with Caroline and Benita. Hope to hear from you soon. 

Oct. 10   

  • Twitter: Greg sent a blast to something like 300 people with link to our sites.  We have 20 followers now.
  • YouTube:  New video is out, linked on twitter.  
  • Facebook:  18 followers at the moment.  Guerrilla campaign to all our - spam the friends list. 
  • Blog:  Later today for a blog post on that.
  • On Campus Events:   
    • Greg:  Currently working on weekend of Oct. 29; Music for Peace.  Open mic performances of on-campus bands.  Donation hat to be passed around.  1-2 hours long.  Same space as before.  Look into advertising through campus paper and radio, if possible.
    • Tim:  3 spoken word poets have signed up.  Include profiles in blog and through the channels of social media. 
  • Steve:  Several interviews lining up. 
  • Next meeting?  Tim is good for this time.  Greg might have a few absences.   next meeting at 12:30 pm Eastern / 5:30 pm UK, on Tuesday 18 Oct.

Oct. 17   

  • Tim:  Youtube updated with tags.  Needs info from Steve about the updates, to put an update on the blog.
  • Twitter:  Advice from Tim to have the team members join up on the twitter front to mention events / activities in twitter.  #ImaginePeaceFest for these events. And Steve / team to tweet on behalf of Peace Train. 
  • Steve;  Need to get Erica to take down the FB Group page. 
  • ODU Events:  Tim has 3 artists signed up and is going to create an event page in FB.
  • Tim to meet up with Greg on campus. 
  • Greg - updates on planning? 

Oct. 24   


Nov. 8

  • Tim:  


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